Capturing Carbon for a Better Future

We follow One-Earth approach

Environment friendly solution for removing CO₂ directly from the air

Creating value from waste

De-CO2 Labs is developing technology for CO2 capture directly from air (DAC). Our technology is energy-efficient and scalable.

  • Our processes are fully solar energy-based with the lifetime of whole unit up to 20 years.

  • The purified CO2 will be utilized for the duckweed’s production at a large scale under a controlled environment.

  • ​Stubble burning is also a major source of CO2, methane, VOC, and NOX emission which can be stopped by converting waste straw into useful products. As per estimation, 63 Mt of crop stubble releases 3.4 Mt of CO, 0.1 Mt of NOx, 91 Mt of CO2, 0.6 Mt of CH₄, and 1.2 Mt of PM into the atmosphere. We are developing products from waste straw for our daily use.

Who We are?

we are a team of young scientists with Ph.D. from National and international labs.